Services of AAIT

Professional services for railways and rolling stock

Engineering & Safety

Refurbishment of rolling stock

Control technology

As a service provider with years of experience in the railway-sector we can offer full support throughout all lifecycle-stages for development of new or modification of established railway technology.

We provide you with management and documentation for your projects or simply offer support for your in-house staff to tackle these topics.


  • Project Management
  • Safety Management
  • Admission Management
  • Quality Management (safety plan, quality plan, V&V plan, implementation of processes)

Safety life cycle

  • Risk evaluation (50126, TeSiP)
  • Risk analysis (SIRF, CSM, 50126)
  • Safety analysis (FMEA, FTA)
  • Determination of SIL
  • failure rates
  • Safety concepts
  • CSM assessments of safety relevance and significance
  • Safety assessment of parts, system-architecture and control technology
  • Safety reports (EN 50129, EN 50657)

Project documentation

  • Specifications (requirements, testing, design)
  • Evidence (verification, validation, safety)
  • Planning (Quality planning based on EN 50126, EN 50657 and related fields)
  • Verification process
  • Installation (planning, commissioning, regulations, ECM2)

Admission processing

  • Evaluation planning
  • Interfacing between OEM / NSA / NoBo-Expert (CCS, L&P)
  • Evidence documentation
  • EC-declaration
  • AsBo CSM documentation
  • Interfacing with authorities e.g. Application, One-Stop-Shop, ERATV, ERADIS

Train control

  • Control-systems of railway vehicles of any kind (locomotive, light rail, on-track-machines)
  • Development of replacement systems for no longer available control architecture or as an interim solution
  • Monitoring- and safety-controller for locomotive or light rail

Remote control solutions

  • Integration of radio remote control systems (add-on)
  • Integration of push-pull or multi-traction systems (WTB, ETB, ZMS)
  • Extension of existing controllers, e.g. proprietary solution with WTB-interfacing


  • Cabin-display for newly developed vehicles or interface-compatible replacement displays
  • Integration of systems for remote diagnosis with web-application for analysing


  • Retrofitting of ETCS
  • Retrofitting of unique national systems (PZB, KVB, LZB, …)
  • Modernization of driver’s safety device, deadman switch
  • Modernization of train radio for passenger systems
  • Integration of emergency brake override (UIC 541-5 and UIC 541-6)
  • Extension of Door-Control Systems (SAT to TAV)
  • Media-Systems, Cameras, WIFI, Networks

Reengineering and procurement of spare parts

  • HVAC, Door-Control, Displays, Lighting
  • Electronics

We offer to support your software-development with documentation- or implementation-tasks or provide turnkey control-solutions with all certification required.

Software documentation

  • Quality insurance documentation
  • Specifications (requirements, tests, design)
  • Verification of documents
  • Code-reviews
  • System-architecture-review

Development and testing

  • Software-development on your controllers (IEC 61131, C, C++, C#)
  • Setup of testing and simulation environments, HIL-systems
  • Testing and documentation

Control technology

  • Displays for Diagnosis after UIC 612
    (based on in-house RAD-Framework for quick development)
  • WTB/ZMS Multitraction
    (as gateway for train-control)
  • Vehicle-control/TCMS
    for light railway and rolling stock
  • Remote diagnosis
    with focus on non-reactive addition to the existing vehicle-electronics
  • Safety-Control-Units up to SIL4
    For years we concentrated our safety know-how used in multiple vehicles into a single compact control-unit. Excerpt:

    • Safe speed-detection (SIL 3)
    • Tacho / Speedometer (Speedometer, up to SIL 2)
    • Monitoring of traction, e-brake (for light-rail)
    • Monitoring of speed, standstill, rolling
    • SiFa, deadman-switch