We are AAIT

AAIT is specialised in the modernisation of electrical and electronical systems of railway vehicles.

Over the last few years, the railway industry has been undergoing a dramatic change, one that has by far not been completed. The requirements of components are becoming more and more complex, the safety case and the interoperability more pronounced and the verification process more complicated than ever before. In many cases, it is economically worthwhile to upgrade existing railway installations or rolling stock, be it that those upgrades are required as operational improvements or because of technical breakdowns. At the same time, every day there are news of the discontinuation of electrical and electronic products, increasing prices for spare parts, or system suppliers going out of business.

These are the challenges that AAIT, as an independent and innovative manufacturer and service provider, has specialized in handling.

In close cooperation with accredited test centres, bodies and accessors, not only the development process is verified by externals. Also, at AAIT, the development results, witch include software, hardware and system concepts correspond to the highest standards.


Company Development

2020 Multi-Traction

  • Equipment of a fleet of freight locomotives with multiple traction systems (up to 4 Vehicles) for operation in Switzerland
  • Modernization of electric locomotive with ETB multiple traction systems for usage in combination with a control car
  • Security verification for retrofit of remote diagnosis in the different train-models

2019 Safety-Management

  • Handling of modification and admission of EBO-Vehicles
  • Safety-management for newly developed on-track machines (OTM)
  • Security verification for extensive modernization of passenger cars, control cars and locomotives
  • Security verification for traction converter with SIL2 functionality

2018 Autonomous rail operations

  • Fully-automated shunter vehicle
  • Autonomous light rail vehicle

2017 Provider of vehicle control technology

  • Development and supply of vehicle control technology for OTM and light rail vehicles
  • Display, vehicle controls, traction control, monitoring
  • Development and supply of test strategies to train manufacturers

2016 Supplier of safety related fieldbus-systems

  • SIL 3 MVB Gateway
  • Control technology concept for a safe powertrain for trainsets

2015 ETCS integration

  • ETCS integration in an old locomotive and in a modern three-phase locomotive

2014 TCMS Entwicklung

  • Development of a TCMS according SIL 4 – for rolling stock

2013 Refurbishment of rail vehicles

  • Retrofit of a radio remote control in a diesel locomotive
  • Full replacement of the drive- / vehicle-/ and multi-traction control units, planning and supervision from retrofitting until accreditation

2012 Supplier for safety technology

  • Safety control unit (SIL 3 Vehicle Monitoring) currently in use in light railway, on-track-machines and rolling stock

2010 Supplier for safety-relevant systems in the field of railway vehicles

  • Software engineering, system design and architecture of safety-related systems

2008 Supplier for vehicle manufacturers and component manufacturers

  • EN 50155 assessment for industrial products for entry into the railway market
  • Software engineering and project documentation. Implementation of standard compliant processes (50126/8/9)

2006 Founding

  • Research projects together with technical universities (GTO replacement by IGBT, main-pipe-monitoring unit)
  • CE conformity assessment for incomplete machines