Projects of AAIT

Ethernet Train Bus

ETB train bus – remote control for extrem environment and long distances; A serious alternative to WTB.

ETCS Refurbishment

Equipping 50-year-old vehicles with ETCS on-board equipment.

Modern UIC 612 Displays

Development and supply of modern touch displays for driver cab for refit purpose.

Autonomous rail operations

Determination of safety requirements for autonomus rail operation
Risk evaluation of new technologies.


Integration of a modern multi-traction systems in zero-software locomotives.

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Safety Control for light railway

Deadman, door-control, standstill-monitoring, brake-monitoring, speed-monitoring.

OTM vehicle control

Development and supply of vehicle control technology for OTM (displays, vehicle-control, SIL 3 safety control, remote-diagnostic).

Autonomous shunting locomotive

Awarded with the 14th CNA Special price for „Outstanding entrepreneurial and scientific achievements“ Juli 25, 2018 in Nuremberg by Ilse Aigner, Minister of Transport.
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Autonomous light rail vehicle

Equipment of a tram vehicle with drive / brake control connected to a remote control station (infrastructure).

Safety control for rolling stock

Delivery of SIL 3 safety control (brake monitoring, roll monitoring, SiFa, standstill monitoring, traction monitoring) as backpack solution for refit projects.

Control cabinet planning

Design of fire-proof cabinets for difficult spaces and cramped rooms; especially useful for refit projects.

NBÜ 2004 – safety control unit

As a result of the new guideline „Fire and disaster protection requirements for the construction and operation of railroad tunnels“, all vehicles in local traffic must meet new requirements in the form of an emergency brake override system. The guidelines stipulate that vehicles must be equipped with the „NBÜ 2004“ system no later than June 30, 2011. For a quick retrofit, AAIT has developed a compact safety control unit (SCU) that meets all requirements.

Safety control unit up to SIL 3

AAIT has designed a universal safety controller for recurring tasks in rail vehicles. The electronically programmable controller is certified to SIL 3 in accordance with EN 50129 and numerous functions typical for railroads have already been developed and assessed in accordance with EN 50128. The safety control unit (SCU) is decentralized expandable and offers flexible application possibilities.

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